Pacific Al Marjan Island

Pacific Al Marjan Island

Pacific, Al Marjan Island

Only the select few can hope for waterfront living – unless they happen to live on Al Marjan Island! The development consists of four interlinked manmade islands designed in elegant sweeps that ensure everyone has a sea-view and waterfront access. But that’s just the beginning. From unparalleled access to world-leading amenities to living units featuring cutting-edge design and superb finishes, no detail that could enhance the experience of living on Al Marjan Island has been overlooked.

Amenities include

  • A unique retail shopping experience
  • Promenades and waterfront walks
  • Jogging and cycling tracks
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Marina facilities
  • Family resorts, luxury hotels and spas
  • Leisure and beach clubs
  • Miles and miles of sandy beaches

Al Marjan Island is divided into four commercial and residential areas with a focus on its resident’s lifestyles. Whether you want to be near the heart of the action or prefer a quieter setting, Al Marjan Island is sure to have the perfect neighbourhood for you.

Housing covers the full spectrum from generous villas to family homes, and from family-sized apartments to compact yet luxurious studio apartments. Many of the multi-unit buildings have a tiered profile, allowing each resident their own, private piece of the outdoors.

It’s no wonder that Al Marjan Island is one of the UAE’s top tourist destinations, and for its residents, it’s a home that truly is as close to paradise as this world can get.